CF 514 — Fragrance Innovations in Consumer Products

2 credits; 2 lecture hours

This course will provide students with in-depth knowledge about the role of scent across various consumer product categories and channels of distribution around the world. Students will learn to identify consumer and category preferences as well as the societal, cultural, and other trends that shape them. Students will focus on the ever-important role of fragrance as part of the consumer’s holistic everyday experience, and how it contributes to and impacts brand storytelling, integrated marketing communications strategy, and brand loyalty. Students will develop their critical thinking and analytical skills through the process of individual assignments and team interdisciplinary projects, and develop their technical skills through hands-on olfactive training. As part of the hands-on component, students will design and create a functional fragrance for a consumer product as part of their final joint interdisciplinary project, which also includes developing a unique brand positioning and story, olfactive and positioning maps, as well as pricing, distribution, and launch strategy.