AM 602 — Innovation in the Creative Industries

4 credits; 2 lecture and 4 lab hours

Provides a hands-on approach to business innovation in the creative industries, with an emphasis on applications of digital technology. Taught through lectures, discussions, guest speakers, creative exercises, and self-reflection. Students develop a class wiki and a capstone innovation project.

Art Market Studies

Art Market Studies is a 40–41 credit, full-time program that provides students with the tools to forge careers in the business of art. Its interdisciplinary nature reflects the diversity of professional opportunities available to graduates—whether in galleries, auction houses, art fairs, appraisal firms, online platforms, museums, or non-profit organizations. The curriculum aims to balance practical skills with academic rigor, as well as core business and legal concepts with industry-specific knowledge. It also privileges contemporary art, given that art produced from the postwar period to the present has come to dominate the market in recent years.