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Student Association and Council

David Dubinsky Student Center, Room A710, 212 217.4130

The Student Council is the governing body of the FIT Student Association, whose membership includes all full- and part-time students who have paid the student activity fee. Membership affords students the privileges and responsibilities of citizens in the self-governing college community. The council consists of elected officers of the association, and at least one representative from every club. All other interested students receive voting privileges following their attendance at two consecutive meetings.

The council is responsible for organizing athletic, cultural, and social activities for the students; determining allocations and disbursement of the student activity fees in accordance with the purposes and duties of the association and the policies of the board of trustees of the college; cooperating with the administration in the definition and enforcement of all student regulations; and working with the administration to maintain good public relations, fostering greater unity among the administration, the faculty, and the student body.

The FIT Student Association president, elected each year by the student association, is a member of the board of trustees with voting rights and responsibilities.

The Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate elects representatives to committees that focus on a wide variety of college-related areas. Students selected by the FIT Student Association serve on some of these committees, such as admissions/registration, assessment, counseling, curriculum, diversity, library, and student affairs.

The FIT Student-Faculty Corporation

The FIT Student-Faculty Corporation is an independent entity with nine directors, three representing each constituency of the college—the Board of Trustees and administration, the faculty, and the student body. It derives its revenue from the rental of college facilities and from commission income from food services and the campus bookstore. The corporation allocates this revenue for the benefit of the students and faculty.