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Marvin Feldman Center, Room C402, 212 217.3080

The Academic Advisement Center is designed to support the intellectual, psychological, and social growth of students. Working collaboratively with the FIT community, the members of the Advisement Center provide ongoing support to students while also maintaining continuous communication with deans, chairs, and faculty to ensure that the most up-to-date advice and information are being shared.

Beginning in the spring of 2013, students in select majors will be able to meet with an advisor in the Advisement Center with additional majors added every semester. Until students in all majors are served in the center, students can schedule a meeting with their departmental chair, an advisor in the office of the registrar, or individual faculty members.

All students seeking advisement on liberal arts courses and minors are invited to visit the Advisement Center. For more information, please visit the Advisement Center webpage at .