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MW 131 — Menswear Flat Patternmaking Design I

3 credits; 6 lab hours

Basic principles of drafting patterns on paper and testing them in muslin on three-dimensional forms for men's shirts and pants. Using basic construction techniques, students develop original garment designs in harmony with current trends and design-room practices. Special machine methods and the technical aspects of decorative seam finish and detail are studied.
Co-requisite(s): MW 141 and MW 151.

MW 141 — Menswear Construction

1.5 credits; 3 lab hours

Introduces students to the many processes involved in the construction of first samples. Basic standards of construction are stressed, enabling the student to make finished garments. Classic shirt and trouser problems are studied.
Co-requisite(s): MW 131 and MW 151.

MW 142 — Menswear Sewing

2 credits; 1 lecture and 2 lab hours

This course introduces students to the many processes involved in creating a first sample. Professional standards of construction are emphasized throughout the semester as students cut, lay out, and construct a classic menswear shirt.

MW 143 — Tailoring I

2 credits; 1 lecture and 2 lab hours

Students learn how to lay out, cut, and sew all of the details associated with the classically tailored trouser. Special emphasis is given to the fly, tailored pockets, and the creation of a handmade waistband curtain. Students also learn to fit the classic trouser on various figure types.
Prerequisite(s): MW 142 , or approval of the chairperson.

MW 144 — Tailoring II

2 credits; 1 lecture and 2 lab hours

This course introduces students to professional tailoring practices for the menswear suit jacket/blazer. Details specific to the jacket and appropriate finishes for a high-end tailored garment are covered throughout the semester.
Prerequisite(s): MW 143.

MW 151 — Menswear Design I

1.5 credits; 3 lab hours

Students design and present menswear shirts, pants, and vests. Research and existing designs inspire original designs.
Co-requisite(s): MW 131 and MW 141.

MW 152 — Menswear Design II

1.5 credits; 3 lab hours

Further develops students' design abilities through the creation and presentation of tailored jackets, blazers, and suits. The concept of line development is studied.
Prerequisite(s): MW 151
Co-requisite(s): MW 232.

MW 221 — Digital Art for Menswear

1.5 credits; 3 lab hours

This course is a comprehensive exploration of advanced menswear design, emphasizing the refinement of the student's rendering, sketching, and digital art abilities. Market segment analysis, collection development, and appropriate design are examined as they apply to the development of portfolio-quality artwork for the menswear market.
Prerequisite(s): MW 251
Co-requisite(s): MW 252.

MW 231 — Menswear Flat Patternmaking Design III

4 credits; 8 lab hours

Studies advanced design problems for tailored garments, making use of the master pattern. Original designs are tested in muslin, constructed in fabrics, and analyzed in terms of taste, fabric selection and properties, design principles, fashion interest, and commercial value.
Prerequisite(s): MW 232 and MW 241
Co-requisite(s): MW 251.

MW 232 — Menswear Flat Patternmaking Design II

2 credits; 1 lecture and 2 lab hours

Students learn how to develop flat patterns and create a finished jacket using professional standards. The course explores the four iconic prototypes of menswear jackets and traditional tailoring techniques and details. Students also learn to identify and define market trends in specific menswear markets and to present professional oral presentations.
Prerequisite(s): MW 131 and MW 141, or equivalent
Co-requisite(s): MW 152.

MW 241 — Tailoring the Jacket

2 credits; 1 lecture and 2 lab hours

This course introduces students to the art of tailoring. Classic details associated with the fully lined tailored jacket are defined and demonstrated as students work toward mastering the components comprising a finely crafted tailored suit jacket.
Prerequisite(s): MW 131 and MW 141
Co-requisite(s): MW 152.

MW 242 — Tailoring III

2 credits; 1 lecture and 2 lab hours

This course introduces students to the assembly processes and finishing details necessary to construct and tailor a high-end, fully lined suit jacket.
Prerequisite(s): MW 144.

MW 251 — Menswear Design III

1.5 credits; 3 lab hours

Students create designs while refining advanced sketching skills. Classifications and collections are utilized throughout the semester.
Prerequisite(s): MW 152
Co-requisite(s): MW 231.

MW 252 — Menswear Design IV

5 credits; 10 lab hours

Students design and execute original sportswear collections using international trends, colors, details, and fabrications.
Prerequisite(s): MW 231 and MW 251.

MW 253 — Advanced Computer Fashion Design

2 credits; 1 lecture and 2 lab hours

Using CAD software, students create flats, fashion drawings, and storyboards in color and black and white.

MW 254 — Computer Design I

2 credits; 1 lecture and 2 lab hours

This course introduces students to the use of Adobe Illustrator as it applies to the menswear and accessories design industry. Students learn how to use Adobe Illustrator as a CAD tool for designing menswear and accessories. Auxiliary software includes Adobe Photoshop.

MW 262 — Presentation/Portfolio

2 credits; 1 lecture and 2 lab hours

Students learn to design professional collections, which are analyzed, segmented, and developed for various markets.
Prerequisite(s): MW 152
Co-requisite(s): MW 251.

MW 271 — Comparative International Apparel

3 credits; 2 lecture and 2 lab hours

Students develop their ability to analyze trends, colors, fabrications, and apparel details in three international fashion centers. Through constructive analyses, critiques, and creative thinking, students present final projects incorporating aspects of comparative cultural aesthetics.
Prerequisite(s): AR 101 or FF 112 or LD 144 or MW 152, or approval of chairperson.

MW 299 — Independent Study in Menswear

1-3 credit

Prerequisite(s): a minimum 3.5 GPA and approval of instructor, chairperson, and dean for Art and Design.