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BE 111 — Business Law Practice for Small Business

3 credits; 3 lecture hours

Develops an understanding of basic legal principles relating to branches of commercial law. Concentrates on areas of special interest to entrepreneurs, including laws of contracts, sales, forms of business organization, personal and real property, and insurance.

BE 113 — Financial Practice/Small Business

3 credits; 3 lecture hours

Provides an understanding of techniques necessary to plan a sound financial foundation for a small business. Analyzes procedures connected with capital budgeting, sources of borrowed capital, management of assets, financial planning, liquidity vs. profitability, and risk management, with special emphasis placed on the unique financial practices of small businesses.

BE 121 — Operating a Small Retail Business

3 credits; 3 lecture hours

Develops an understanding of the principles and techniques necessary to profitably operate a retail store. Emphasis is placed on the development of a detailed six-month plan and the decision-making inherent in successful retail businesses.

BE 261 — Starting a Small Business

3 credits; 3 lecture hours

Investigates the problems and challenges of opening and managing a small business. Emphasis is placed on analysis of financial statements and on developing a business plan.

BE 402 — The Business of Illustration

1 credit; 1 lecture hour

Students learn the business side of an illustration career. Potential markets for illustration are examined, marketing techniques are explored, and legal issues are studied. Key aspects of financial management, including record keeping and tax planning, are covered.

BE 403 — The Artist in the Marketplace

3 credits; 3 lecture hours

Basic business practices relevant to fine artists are presented. Issues in intellectual property and contract law are discussed. Students research potential markets for fine arts and explore pertinent marketing techniques.

BE 404 — Business for Visual Presentation

2 credits; 2 lecture hours

This course is an introduction to key business principles for Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design majors. Topics covered include work scenarios, freelancing, contract work, and subcontract work. Students are introduced to the important legal issues associated with establishing a sole proprietorship, limited liability company, or partnership.