Bachelor of Science Degree Program (BS)

School of Business and Technology

Applications accepted for fall and spring.      NYSED: 20268        HEGIS 0509

The major in International Trade and Marketing prepares students for management positions in international trade and global fashion companies. Graduates pursue careers in global marketing, management, logistics, sourcing, compliance, customs, and licensing.

Semester 5Credits
MAJOR AREAIN 312 - International Trade3
IN 313 - International Business Transactions3
LIBERAL ARTSMA 222 - Statistical Analysis3
EN 321 - Strategies of Business Communication3
GENERAL EDUCATIONchoice - see Foreign Language* G83
Semester 6
MAJOR AREAIN 322 - Global Marketing3
IN 323 - Import/Export Regulations3
choice - see Major Area Electives**3
LIBERAL ARTSSS 242 - Microeconomics3
choice - see Foreign Language* 3
MA 311 - Mathematical Modeling for Business Applications3
Semester 7
MAJOR AREAIN 433 - Global Sourcing3
choice - see Major Area Electives**3
RELATED AREAchoice - see Related Area Alternative***3
LIBERAL ARTSSS 443 - International Economics
  or 446 - Economies of Latin America
choice - see Social Sciences*3
GENERAL EDUCATIONchoice - see American History* G103
Semester 8
MAJOR AREAIN 492 - International Trade Practicum
  or IC 498 - Senior Internship D: Career Planning or or choice see Major Area Electives**
choice - see Major Area Electives**3
LIBERAL ARTSPL 143 - Introduction to Asian Philosophies
  or 431 - Philosophy: Ethics
choice - see Speech*3
GENERAL EDUCATIONchoice - see Other World Civilizations* G93
 Total Credits: 66-67

*Fall 2014 Requirements:  See below.

American History: 3 credits
CHOICE of EN 271 or 272, or LA 221, or any other course that meets General Education American History requirement (G10).

Foreign Language: 6 credits
Two semesters of the same foreign language, one of which must meet G8.

Arithmetic proficiency must be completed prior to enrolling in MA 222. Algebra proficiency must be completed prior to enrolling in MA 311.

Other World Civilizations: 3 credits
CHOICE of SS 353355356374, or 393, or any other course that meets the General Education Other World Civilizations requirement (G9).

Social Sciences: 3 credits
CHOICE of SS 353354356, or 393.

Speech: 3 credits
CHOICE of EN 241242244245, or 342.

**Major Area Electives: 9 credits
Choice of three: IN 324341342423424434441442, or 443.

***Related Area Alternative: 3 credits
Any IN course not taken previously, or choice of a 300- or 400-level AC, DM, FM, HP, MG, or TT course for which prerequisites have been met, or one of the following: BE 261HP 201, or MG 242.